Why the IKEA Home Planner is the Best Tool to Plan your New Kitchen

IKEA is known for its industry-leading designs, competitive prices and customer service. It also provides shoppers with easy home planning programs ranging from kitchens and bathrooms to PAX and BESTÅ. When starting any kitchen renovation project, the IKEA’s Home Planner design program is simple to use, and best news of all —it’s free! The IKEA Home Planner allows you to create as many designs for your space as you want, and receive a detailed product and price list after each iteration.

What you may not know until we visit your home for an Individual Kitchen Planning service, is that the IHP is robust enough for Traemand’s planners to use every day in providing professional planning services. Traemand provides its planners with extensive training on how to turn IKEA’s consumer planning program into a construction trade-worthy powerhouse. Our installation teams use the plans coming from the IHP to perform every single installation.

Here’s what you will see when Traemand provides kitchen planning services using the IHP:

Your room layout.

Sitting with your planner, you can choose their room shape and size, add doors, windows, flooring, walls and ceiling to best match the existing space. The IHP gives you the ability to see a floor view, 3D line view or front 3D view of the space. Next you and your planner will add fixtures including: plumbing and gas pipes, electricity, heating and ventilation. Lastly, you can include additional structures and decorations.

Work zone solutions.

Sinks and faucets come next, alongside ranges and cooktops, pantry solutions and preparation zones.

Kitchen appliances.

After adding the structural items, you and your planner can place appliances, kitchen cabinets, wall kitchen accessories and kitchen cart.

Dining tables & chairs.

If integrating the kitchen with a dining or entertaining space, this is where you could position tables, chairs, bar tables, stools and benches, dining sets, dining storage or a café area.

We are always excited to get started with a customer on a kitchen renovation project. IKEA has helped make that easier with its terrific planning program, the IHP. If you decide to do other projects in your home, such as entertainment systems or closet organization, the IHP is the tool for you, as well.