Steps for a Stress-Free Kitchen Installation

Renovating your kitchen can be stressful and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Below are Traemand’s steps for a stress-free renovation project:

Have a vision for your new space.

Your home reflects your taste, your style and your creativity. When kicking off your kitchen renovation project, it’s important to have a vision of how you want your home to make you feel. The only way to get there is to do your research. Visit showrooms, read blogs and check out resources like Houzz.

Set your budget.

IKEA’s prices are set for both its products and services, so budgeting gets a lot easier when you use SEKTION, the IKEA kitchen line. Having a budget means making choices. Sticking to a budget means remaining flexible but focused as your project moves toward the finish line.

Know the rules.

Depending on where you live, your renovation may be subject to rules that can be surprisingly strict. Condos in particular are often subject to Condo Board or Home Owner’s Association rules that can limit working hours, the scope of work and even the types of products you can install.

Pick the right contactor.

Trust your gut and do your homework. Check references, take recommendations and ask lots of questions of any company you are evaluating. Remember, price is not a great indicator of quality in any service business. The things that matter are often what you can see. How responsive was the contractor? How clearly did they appear to understand your needs? Did they have good ideas and suggestions based on solid experience?

Ask your contractor for a schedule.

Having a schedule to follow keeps both parties aligned during the installation process. Having said that, it is important to remain flexible, particularly in home renovations. Contractors often work with a small number of subcontractors that they trust. If a subcontractor gets sick or becomes backed up on another job, it can cause delays. Delays are often part of a remodel project, and it is generally worth the wait to have a preferred contractor or subcontractor than to try and substitute at the last minute.

Get it in writing.

Always work from a written contract that you have read and thoroughly understand. Make sure the description of work is detailed and priced in a way that does not leave any questions in your mind. Almost every dispute comes down to a missed expectation that was not clearly documented. Remember, a contract is there to protect everyone. Be sure you know what you are signing.

Pick your materials in advance and have them ready.

Having selected your tile, countertop, backsplash and paint in advance and having agreed upon amounts on-site will make your project go smoother. When estimating materials it is typical to buy as much as 20 percent more than you think will actually be used. Following these steps prior to and during your kitchen renovation will create a smoother process for both you and the professionals you hire. As IKEA’s national kitchen installation partner, Traemand has served nearly 600,000 customers with an industry-leading customer satisfaction rating, as well as a BBB A+ rating. If you’re considering a new IKEA kitchen for your home, we’d like to help. Feel free to request a quote to find out more.